We are young, we are talented, we are international, we are HAUS.




Haus is story, people, places, a mindset! Creativity is our religion, Haus is our church.

We are a creative studio. Our job is to think, design and build digital projects collaboratively with our clients.

We love contributing to your evolution by sharing our diversity of skills and experience.

Haus is made of multicultural and passionate people, and if you'd like to know more about our team, you are just one scroll away.

Paulo Silva
Front-end developer
Front-end developer

Jocelyn Duval

Co-Founder, President

Jocelyn, a resourceful entrepreneur, was one of the pillars of the creation of the company in April 2019. Able to weave strong bonds with our clients, he leads to this day the commercial activity of Haus Division.

His goal? To create a welcoming environment in which his colleagues will feel comfortable and grow in skill over time.Meanwhile, Jocelyn keeps each client satisfied by closely monitoring the quality of our projects and making sure everything goes as well as possible.

Nathan Soares


Born and raised in Brazil, Nathan is a multi-skilled artist and entrepreneur. Passionate by art and technology, he is the one responsible for the creative quality of the Haus Division itself and its projects, making sure each project render corresponds to the project owners’ needs and their target’s expectations by giving the creative input and guiding the production team.

Audiovisual production, UI/UX Design, and web development are some of Nathan’s core skills enabling him to put his hands on most of the projects that we take care of.

As a natural artist, Nathan is always trying to push boundaries, from a business perspective his main goal is to deliver quality with a unique touch and a stand out point in every single project, from an overall perspective his goals are just beyond business, is about movement.

victor SANNIER


Victor is our sales representative, his role within the company is to develop our client portfolio and above all to approach each of your projects as well as possible. Invested in all of his missions, he will be able to support you from the study of your needs to the delivery of your solution.

His main qualities are his good listening skills and the desire to satisfy. Victor is a young dynamic already well experienced with a sense of business and a reassuring maturity.

Anne Brassy

Project manager

Anne is our project manager. Responsive, focused on teamwork, her role is to ensure smooth progress from start to finish throughout each project.

She is part of each step of the process: analysis of the client's needs, previsional calendar, task management, various meetings and reports, until delivery... Anne acts as the link between you and the creative/technical team.

Joffrey Lhermitte

Lead Developer

Specialized in web and mobile apps, our lead developer Joffrey will know just the way to accompany you through your project, from the brief to the launch.

Oriented towards back-end development mainly, he is in charge of finding solutions and create features that fit your demands. Joffrey will advise you and help you shape your project into something that we can both be proud of.

Calvin Lorin

Graphic and motion designer

To couple the strengths of animation and design, such is the main skill of Calvin, our creative responsible for design projects ranging from conceptualization to the final video render.

Iconography, logo, posters, business cards, animated characters, drawings and other web-destined creations, product showcasing, such are the possibilities that Calvin will use to shine a light on your project, all while adopting a graphic charter either made by himself or based on your existing work.

Far from being a simple performer, Calvin will be advising and listening to you throughout the many steps of your project to ensure a result that will please both you and your clientele alike.

Hugo Ratel

Front-end Developer

Passionate about web design and development, Hugo is our front-end dev. His mission is to make your website user-friendly and accessible with a clean, easy interface that fits your brief, demands and devices.

To create a seamless experience across multiple browsers is part of the challenge Hugo goes through every day !


FRONT-END Developer

Paulo is a young developer passionate about the front-end. He will make sure to carry out your projects from A to Z, in accordance with the client's request.                                                                                                                                                           Together with the team of developers they are a great team and they will be there to respond to your requests on time. Attentive, he will knowhow to listen and meet your needs until the launch of your project.